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There was a time when getting pregnant was all a matter of chance and good luck. Couples would try getting pregnant every single day of the woman’s cycle just so they could conceive.  Needless to say, it was tiresome, cumbersome and took out all the fun of conceiving.  Then, new terminology like “basal body temperature” started doing the rounds. In a nutshell, basal body temperature is a means to find out the best days to get pregnant. This method proved to be tiresome and inaccurate.  It involved almost as much guess work and chance as the old method of trying each day.

Today things are different.  In this day and age when we want immediate answers and solutions to all our problems, one does not have to sit around monitoring the basal metabolic temperature every morning to find out when is the best time to get pregnant (a very inaccurate method).  Today, we have Clear Blue Ovulation Tests - the latest and most accurate test kit that will tell you the days you are ovulating, so that you do not leave anything to chance.  All it takes is just 3 minutes of your time to know if you are ovulating and if you can get pregnant - as simple as that.  To further reduce all traces of error, the kit also lets you know that it is doing the job by beeping continuously while you wait for your results.  The result itself is crystal clear to read  - a smiley if you are ovulating and a circle if you are not.

With the easy-to-use instructions provided, it will take you no time to get started.  The kit contains 7 strips for 7 days.  It also contains one digital monitor that the strip fits into.  This digital monitor will provide the results in 3 minutes.  The strips come with covers so that they can be disposed easily, in a fuss-free manner, once the results are obtained.  All in all, Clear Blue Ovulation Tests are worth every penny you pay for it.

The advantages of using the Clear Blue Ovulation Tests are many.  If you lead a busy lifestyle and you and your partner hardly get to spend time together; if you literally have to plan every minute of your day because you are so pressed for time; if you do not want to leave anything to chance; if age is catching up with you and you cannot afford to guess when you are ovulating and are in a hurry to conceive - Clear Blue Ovulation Tests comes to your rescue.

The kit is digitally monitored.  This means that nothing is left to chance.  The results are 99% accurate - so you can expect to get pregnant on the first attempt once you get the “go ahead” signal from the Clear Blue Ovulation Tests.

Here, in her own words, is the testimony of Betty M.:
“Hi, I am Betty.  My husband is a pilot and his work takes him across the globe.  Finding time to conceive was far fetched.  We would try to conceive the few days in a month that he was home, but it was all a matter of chance and luck and we never were able to conceive.  I heard of Clear Blue Ovulation Tests from a friend of mine and tried it.  My husband managed to take the day off on the day the kit showed me I was ovulating and guess what!  We conceived!  Thanks to Clear Blue Ovulation Tests I am now at the end of my first trimester.  Clear Blue Ovulation Tests came to my rescue after 5 years of  trying to conceive.”